Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Chinese Food in the 'Ham

I love Chinese food.

The Ham has a number of Chinese spots that have their own little quirks.

-Want Panda Express-esque food? Go to China Master Express
-Want lots of food with decent quality with a low price? Go to Chop Suey Inn or New China Town (they take BlazerBucks!!!)
-Are you a Chinese food snob that won't eat anything that's not authenticRed Pearl or Mr. Chen's
-Crave a buffet for a fair price? Mr. Wang's Buffet (Note: Mr. Wang - or I think that's who he was - is hilarious). 

But alas! It is quite difficult to eat out so frequently :(
However, I have found a way around not being able to eat out. Just make it in the dorm!

Turns out that Mr. Crock-Pot cooks rice fairly well and Señor Sartén does a fabulous job of making sure all the ingredients are cooked igualmente (evenly). 
So I decided to give it a shot.

The ingredients are simple. I used a pack of Great Value brown rice from Walmart, a bag of Great Value frozen mixed veggies, 3-4 slices of Great Value smoked ham, and some canola oil.

Exhibit A: The Great Value Ingredients 

In short, my Great Value Fried Rice Version 1 was a sham. The rice was too mushy (I used rice that came straight out of Mr. Crock-Pot) and the flavor was rather lacking. 

So I tried again. This time, I followed a tip from The Asian Grandmother's Cookbook; use left over rice that has been refrigerated (I made the mistake of freezing it; in the end, it works the same way but it takes more time). I also added a packet of Hungry Howie's Crushed Pepper and some dashes of McCormick's Montreal Steak Seasoning for flavor. 

Eureka! The consistency was perfect! 

Exhibit B: Great Value Fried Rice Version 1.1
And that's how I learned to make fried rice. For the future, I'm gonna try to buy soy sauce and use that for flavoring. Perhaps even a bottle of Siracha... Hmm...

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