Thursday, August 6, 2015

Finals are DONE

I happily announce that I am done with finals. No more... until December :/
Finals came early- our Microbiology prof had to move things around and schedule our exam two days earlier, but that gave me enough time to move into my new dorm.

My new room is brand-frickin-new and I am its the first official inhabitant.

It's a lot smaller than my previous room, which had a separate kitchenette area. I now live in studio/efficiency-type room with the kitchenette and bedroom all in one space.

Cooking will be a challenge because of the smaller space, but we shall see =)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Chinese Food in the 'Ham

I love Chinese food.

The Ham has a number of Chinese spots that have their own little quirks.

-Want Panda Express-esque food? Go to China Master Express
-Want lots of food with decent quality with a low price? Go to Chop Suey Inn or New China Town (they take BlazerBucks!!!)
-Are you a Chinese food snob that won't eat anything that's not authenticRed Pearl or Mr. Chen's
-Crave a buffet for a fair price? Mr. Wang's Buffet (Note: Mr. Wang - or I think that's who he was - is hilarious). 

But alas! It is quite difficult to eat out so frequently :(
However, I have found a way around not being able to eat out. Just make it in the dorm!

Turns out that Mr. Crock-Pot cooks rice fairly well and Señor Sartén does a fabulous job of making sure all the ingredients are cooked igualmente (evenly). 
So I decided to give it a shot.

The ingredients are simple. I used a pack of Great Value brown rice from Walmart, a bag of Great Value frozen mixed veggies, 3-4 slices of Great Value smoked ham, and some canola oil.

Exhibit A: The Great Value Ingredients 

In short, my Great Value Fried Rice Version 1 was a sham. The rice was too mushy (I used rice that came straight out of Mr. Crock-Pot) and the flavor was rather lacking. 

So I tried again. This time, I followed a tip from The Asian Grandmother's Cookbook; use left over rice that has been refrigerated (I made the mistake of freezing it; in the end, it works the same way but it takes more time). I also added a packet of Hungry Howie's Crushed Pepper and some dashes of McCormick's Montreal Steak Seasoning for flavor. 

Eureka! The consistency was perfect! 

Exhibit B: Great Value Fried Rice Version 1.1
And that's how I learned to make fried rice. For the future, I'm gonna try to buy soy sauce and use that for flavoring. Perhaps even a bottle of Siracha... Hmm...


Huzzah! my first food blog!

I lived on-campus this first year at college, which means I was required to get a pretty huge mealplan to use at an meh dining hall. I admit that the food was okay(ish) and the perk was that it was all-you-care-to-eat).

Anyways, I did end up gaining some weight. As to me being a victim to the "freshman 15"- I don't know. But I do know that pants and jeans had a tighter fit in the spring semester than the fall semester. Interesting...

But now that it's summer, the dining hall has very limited hours and without a mealplan, I am now forced to fend for myself. Goodbye questionable food, and hello Chef Edward!

For over a month now, the chef and his trusty electric skillet and crock pot has been hard at work preparing semi-nutritious meals for himself. Recipes and pictures coming soon!

Exhibit A: Mr. Crock-Pot

Exhibit B: Señor Sartén